01. This box [contains] over 2 kilograms of the finest chocolates.
02. We need a larger [container] to keep our rice in.
03. Kirsten lost her knapsack [containing] her passport and all her money.
04. Gasoline which [contains] lead is no longer allowed in this country.
05. Many CDs now have warnings when the songs [contain] lyrics with sexual or violent content.
06. It is important to keep food in an airtight [container] so that it will stay fresh.
07. Pearl Buck once said that the secret of joy in work is [contained] in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.
08. Stanley Arnold once observed that every problem [contains] the seeds of its own solution.
09. Composer Gustav Mahler once said that a symphony must be like the world. It must [contain] everything.
10. There is a Zulu proverb which observes that the most beautiful fig may [contain] a worm.
11. A giant redwood tree [contains] more water than wood.
12. Victor Hugo's Les Miserables [contains] one of the longest sentences in the French language - 823 words without a period.
13. Because its blood [contains] copper, the octopus' blood is blue in color.
14. Our Western diet [contains] too much fat and sugar.
15. The fertile valleys and irrigated plains of Uzbekistan [contain] good soil, and are intensively farmed.
16. Although much of our garbage [contains] valuable raw materials, most of it is simply burned or buried.
17. Thomas Jefferson once suggested that advertisements [contain] the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.
18. A lemon [contains] more sugar than a strawberry.
19. Buddhism teaches that the potential to become a Buddha is already [contained] within each and every one of us.
20. The floor of the ocean is not flat and featureless, but [contains] many fascinating landforms.
21. Gases assume the shape and volume of the [containers] in which they are found.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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